Стать более безопасным водителем грузовика

Если вы хотите водить грузовик в границах одного штата, или ездить по разным штатам или в другие страны, вам, в любом случае, придется изучать и практиковать основы коммерческого вождения.

A competent CDL training program will cover road security rules and regulations, the basics of operating a commercial vehicle and inspection procedures. The courses should also teach you about the nitty-gritty of air brake systems (including pressure gauges and dual air brakes). In addition, you should also be informed about how to manage and inspect combination vehicles. We, at RTDS, provide over 10 years’ worth of expertise and a full-range of instruction programs, tailored according to the students’ needs and flexible schedules.

Did you know that there is a shortage of over 30,000 truck drivers in the US? While the perks of having a career in trucking seem appealing too many, few people manage to go through the necessary training and deal with the daily hassles of life on the road. Although there are companies which provide specialized programs and hire students from within the organization, most commercial drivers have to start small.

The majority of people involved in the trucking industry look for a cost-effective, reliable course that can be thorough in its teaching, as well as provide hands-on practice. If you’re interested to find out about what proper truck driver training looks like, here you will find a quick guide regarding the key-elements to focus on when choosing your program.

An effective instruction program will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of driving and will be geared towards classroom learning. Here you will study the rules and regulations of safe driving, what is needed of you in order to be a resourceful, fuel-efficient driver, as well as the particular road requirements for different states. The best truck driver training programs are usually developed by certified CDL schools, which have been inspected and reviewed by a third party. When it comes to the knowledge tests and driving examination, most schools will follow the US Department of Transport (DOT) standards and curriculum.

Whether you want to drive intrastate, interstate or foreign commerce, you will still be required to learn and practice the basics of commercial driving. This means that the truck driver training you’ve enrolled in should at least cover the following – signals on the road, trip planning logs, map reading, handling a larger capacity and weight load, safety rules and regulations, backing up, turning, loading procedures and managing logs for deliveries and hours spent on the road. At RTDS, we cover these essential topics and more, as well as provide students with a qualified instructor who can supervise them during practice.

Instruction programs are usually not free and require a relatively minor investment (compared to the thousands of dollars spent for university degrees and formal education). The cost of training will vary dramatically from school to school. However, the average price is around $3,500 to $6,000, which is reasonable when considering that you’ll be learning for a life-long career. But what exactly can a proficient truck driver training do for you? Aside for providing you with job placement within a reputable company, driving schools ensure financial security and long-term positions.

The national demand for commercial drivers is expected only to increase throughout the decade. Additionally, obtaining a CDL boosts your earnings considerably and allows you to work within a flexible schedule. Here are some other perks of joining the trucking industry – life insurance, paid vacation time, team driving for couples and friends, retirement savings plan and medical and dental insurance.

The most reliable truck driver training programs have instructors selected from the best in the business, offering extensive preparation for the CDL exam. Whether you choose to join a private school, a specialized company or a standard driving school, you should make sure that the training program and documentation they provide is certified by a third party. Moreover, we generally recommend that you check to see if the school can make you eligible for the type of permit that you require (class A, B or C), as well as allow for certain endorsements that you might want in the future.

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Возможность карьеры в коммерческих грузоперевозках



Не можете определиться, в правильном направлении ли двигаетесь? Хотите узнать больше об индустрии грузоперевозок как водитель? Свяжитесь с нами и мы предоставим вам более подробную информацию о наших программах обучения для получения прав вождения грузовым транспортом и о карьере водителя грузовика в целом.



После кризиса 2008 года мне удалось найти работу только на неполный рабочий день или работу на комиссию почти бесплатно. Мне повезло, друг мне рассказал об отрасли грузоперевозок и о школе подготовки водителей грузовиков RTDS в Лас-Вегасе. Мне всегда нравились автомобили и вождение, поэтому я решил попробовать.

Это было лучшее решение, которое я когда-либо принимал в своей жизни, ТОЧКА.

Школа дала мне отличные знания и умения и рекомендовала меня хорошей транспортной компании. Теперь, через год, у меня зарплата в 55 тысяч долларов в год и я могу управляться со своими долгами, я никогда не спал так хорошо в своей жизни.